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  • Alex Owumi


Being a detective in the city of Boston is no easy task, and with the crime rate sky high, law enforcement is the only hope of getting things back in order. One of the best detectives in the state is Thomas Kent, a hard-nosed, by the book type, who doesn’t bend the rules for anyone. With the help of his department, he has taken down some of the biggest criminals in the city, and has also made a lot of enemies as well.

For years he has battled with the biggest drug kingpin in the city, Cecil Chambers. Chambers has been corrupting the streets for more than twenty years. Detective Kent and his partner, Darren Harper, have finally caught a break to bring down Chambers and his infamous crew once and for all.

But the week Cecil Chambers gets behind bars is when it all takes an unexpected turn. Detective Kent wakes up in a hospital with bandages all over his body and no recollection of what has happened to him. He finds out that his wife and only son have been killed, so he immediately starts to look for answers. When he finds out who is involved, he realizes the answers he needs are not too far away. He comes to the reality that in order for him to get answers he can’t approach this as a detective. At the end of it all, Thomas Kent goes from a man who unapologetically honors the shield to a man who knows revenge is the only way.

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