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Navy Blue and Orange Business Tips Book

"This book provides concise information on how authors can promote and sell their books through email marketing. The concepts are clear with simple and actionable steps that authors can use. This book is recommended especially for those who are new in the industry."






Mayleen Cadiz-Valencia 

Freelance Editor and Proofreader

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  • Effective ways to design emails to convert to more book sales. 

  • Best practices to improve your click rate. 

  • What type of emails you should be sending to achieve better book sales. 

  • Best practices for writing online. 

  • Content ideas for achieving your book selling goals. 

  • Tips for editing before you hit "send". 

  • Key points for designing and developing emails.


“This book accurately captures and details every critical component to being a more marketable author. Moreover, it teaches you how to take charge of your sales objectives and sharpen your marketing acumen. I highly recommend this as a resource for all authors - particularly, novice authors navigating the publishing world for the first time. Nerdhouse certainly produced another gem.”







Megan Blaising

Author of Bullets, Blunts and Belligerence

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