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What Is Your Success?

In the dictionary the definition of success is THE ACHIEVEMENT OF SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO. Success really is that easy when you think about it. What is your success? Is it trying to lose 30 pounds in a certain time frame? Are you trying to get that big promotion at work? Or maybe achieve a certain level of financial success in life. In today's society we look at other successful people in our fields and try to compare ourselves to them. THIS MY FRIENDS IS A TRUE RECIPE FOR DISASTER. One of my favorite authors of all time is John Grisham. I love his work and his books motivated me to become an author just like him.

Grisham is on the forbes list in 2018 as being the 4th highest earning author in the world earning a remarkable 21 million dollars in books sales. That might be success to him, but for an author like me who doesn't make 21 million dollars a year selling books I can't compare my success to his success. Of course I would love to rake in 21 million dollars from my books but THE TRUTH IS I DON'T. What I won't do today is get upset at the fact that I don't make 21 million off books, or compare ourselves to our friend who got her new six figure job when you're only making way less. The truth is you are successful and you might not even know it. I know many people who make a decent salary, drive a decent car and have all their bills paid and to them that is their success.

Let's look at ourselves and focus on our own success and not focus on what other people are achieving. In this social media world it very difficult to not see people showing off their success right in your face. If you think that getting that new Mercedes just because your friend has one means success to you then go for it. Be happy with the success you already have and sit back and take a moment to think about all that you have achieved so far in life. I guarantee you a lot of us will be happy with our lives.


Alex Owumi is a professional basketball player and bestselling author of Qaddafi's Point Guard, The Fire Raven series and The Man In Forest Hills. You can view his website here.

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