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A lot of my readers might be wondering why I wrote this new book. I came up with an idea years ago that I wanted to write a series of books that take place in the city I was raised in. I've lived all over the world and Boston is still the most unique city that I've lived in. The people, sports and culture are just a couple of things that I love about the city. I really wouldn't want to be from anywhere else than this beautiful city.

Most writers usually have a protagonist in their books and that person is looked at the hero or heroine in the story. I myself always have this type of character in all my writing, but I always try to make them as unique as possible and put a twist on their journey throughout the story. This new series of books will be a little different this time around. Of course there will be a protagonist but one of my main objectives will be to shine a light on the city where the story takes place. Some of the places I spent time in as a child or maybe some of my other childhood friends always talked about will be mentioned in most of the books. As kids we had fun on this city and most of the places we caused havoc in are not around anymore because the city is changing. Hopefully this new series of books will help the readers remember some of those places that were there in our childhood.

Another important reason I'm writing about events in Boston is because I want to bridge the gap between my international readers and my US readers. It's important they see where I come from and where I get my work ethic and motivation. As Bostonian's we have unique personalities and we don't mind showing it. We take pride of where we are form and will let you know that we are from the greatest city in the world. I hope you're ready for this wonderful journey I am about to take you on.

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Alex Owumi is a professional basketball player and bestselling author of Qaddafi's Point Guard and The Fire Raven series. You can view his website here.

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