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My favorite piece of reading this summer was a book by Jon Gordon called 'The Energy Bus:10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy'. The Energy Bus, an international best seller by Jon Gordon, takes readers on an enlightening and inspiring ride that reveals 10 secrets for approaching life and work with the kind of positive, forward thinking that leads to true accomplishment - at work and at home. Jon Gordon infuses this engaging story with keen insights as he provides a powerful roadmap to overcome adversity and bring out the best in yourself and your team. When you get on The Energy Bus you’ll enjoy the ride of your life!

The story talks about a man named George who words in corporate america, and is a manager at his job. Things are going south at his job and he is leading his team nowhere. One day he has car trouble and ends up having to ride the city bus to work. On this bus he meets a very positive and energetic bus driver who along with some of the passengers teach him ten lessons that will help him be a great leader. He ends up riding this bus for two weeks and they help him transform into a better leader through positive vision and culture of energy.

I was never a fan of self help books, but this one here really opened my eyes to what they can do.

I was drawn to this one because positive energy is something that I always preach about to friends and family. I made a promise to myself to be around positive people on a daily basis for the sake of my health and my business.

If you're someone who needs that type of message in your life then you should for sure pick up a copy of this book. It has helped me these last couple months just to put things into perspective and focus on what's important. Positive energy is something that people search for on a daily basis, but only the lucky ones know how to achieve it and pass it on. I've been taking a ride on the energy bus for years and hopefully this book can help you get on the bus.

I would like to thank you in advance for reading this blog. Please share and comment if you can.

Alex Owumi is a professional basketball player and bestselling author of Qaddafi's Point Guard and The Fire Raven series. You can view his website here.

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