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What's your passion?

Whether you're an athlete, entrepreneur, doctor or lawyer, we all have a passion we want to follow. We all have family or friends who can't wait to tell you to FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. What they don't tell you is that following your passion can get expensive (and I'm not talking about monetary value). Time, rejection, doubt are just some of the expenses that come along with passion. Time is probably the most important asset that we have in our lifetime. It is something you can't get back so if you don't use it wisely then YOU'VE WASTED IT. Rejection is something that we are all scared of. Whether is selling books or pitching a film idea to a movie production company, we are all scared of that one famous word NO.

What if J.K Rowling would've stopped writing the Harry Potter series after her first manuscript was rejected by twelve publishing houses? If she didn't keep going then millions of people wouldn't have the pleasure of enjoying the Harry Potter franchise. In her mind there was no doubt in her mind that she wouldn't become a great writer one day. Your passion might be expensive but the most important thing is the journey. You won't appreciate the bumps in the road until you are successful, but trust me when I say that those bumps in the road build your character. So keep pursuing what you're passionate about and don't be afraid to drive over those bumps into the road in order to get success.

I would like to thank you in advance for reading this blog. Please share and comment if you can.

Alex Owumi is a professional basketball player and bestselling author of Qaddafi's Point Guard and The Fire Raven series. You can view his website here.

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