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Why Readers Are Important

As the summer comes to a close I had a good amount of time to travel to a couple of different countries. One of the most important things I did this summer was to focus on reading a lot of other authors work. My personal favorites are John Grisham and Kate Moretti (they both might be tied for first). As fiction writers our minds have to be a bit twisted at times just to think of some of the shit we come up with. I mean a character in my book dies every other chapter (just kidding). But seriously, we have to come up with all this stuff out of nowhere and hope people like it.

In this blog I wanted to focus on why readers are most important, and a lot of people are thinking it's because of book sales (YOU'RE DEAD WRONG). Well maybe book sales have a little to do something with it. To me, the real reward is seeing people reading and truly enjoying my books. It's too stressful knowing that when you come up with these stories that people might not like them. The two questions that come through my mind when I finish a book are. Will they like the characters? How will they respond to it? So when I receive messages from fans and supporters about how they loved my book I really get excited.

This blog is a 100% compliment to the readers. For you all to understand our vision is a hard task and only a true reader can understand what we go through and take the time to put their-selves in our shoes while reading our books (SALUTE TO YOU AND A BIG THANK YOU).

I would like to thank you in advance for reading this blog. Please share and comment if you can.

Alex Owumi is a professional basketball player and bestselling author of Qaddafi's Point Guard and The Fire Raven series. You can view his website here.

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