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Fan Appreciation

It's important for me to take time every month to highlight one of my fans. A lot of authors don't believe in the 'ONE FAN AT A TIME' strategy but to me that's the most important thing for me in being an author. It takes a lot for one of my readers to sit and read a 200 plus page book which I hope they might like. These days people's attention spans are very short. I hear all the time that people don't take the time to read physical books anymore. In the era of fifteen second instagram stories and twenty second facebook videos, who would think that people still take the time to read anymore? I'm a true believer in my fans and all the support they give me.

The pictures above show a lovely family who are major supporters in the British Basketball League. I've been a professional basketball players for 11 years now (just in case you didn't know LOL). Anyway Alyson and her daughter Raven are the true definition of loyal supporters. The are superfans of a team in the league named the Glasgow Rocks and also support many of the players in the league. They support all my work as an author and speak to them all the time on facebook. They are the highlight of my first fan appreciate blog and I couldn't ask for better fans in my circle. My motto is 'ONE FAN AT A TIME' and my appreciation for these two embodies that slogan. THANK YOU LADIES

I would like to thank you in advance for reading this blog. Please share and comment if you can.

Alex Owumi is a professional basketball player and bestselling author of Qaddafi's Point Guard and The Fire Raven series. You can view his website here.

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